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The International Military Music Society publishes its own periodical which is produced three times a year in English.

The magazine contains reports, historical articles, reviews and general news.

We are always looking for exciting story's from the world of military music. So feel free to contact the editor with any news, backgrounds, reports, historical articles and so forth.




BOB DAVIS, New Zealand. 


International Military Music Society

What is IMMS ?

The International Military Music Society is an organization for people who are interested in military bands, their music and history.

The aims of the society are to encourage interest in all aspects of military, brass, concert, symphonic, percussion, pipe, choir and youth bands and wind ensembles of the world. 

The society's 1300 members come from 38 different countries. Their activities cover a wide variety of interests ranging from history, instrumentation, uniforms, repertoire, conductors, recordings, military tattoos, films, videos and a myriad of other special projects or interests which all have their basis in the military bands of the world.

So whether you are a historian, a CD collector or just someone who likes to listen to a stirring march then for a modest fee the IMMS has much to offer you. The Society is open to any person.

In more recent years the society has expanded further to include branches and members from all over the world. The present membership amounts around 1300 from 38 different countries.

In addition to this central IMMS web site there are also national web sites for Denmark (,  Belgium (, Netherlands (, Norway (, Poland (, and United Kingdom (

All members receive the IMMS magazine, "Band International", which is published in three editions each year. The society is at present working on several different projects. It will also be noticed that branches, which do not have their own web site, will be represented with their own page in this central IMMS web site in the future.



The International Military Music Society is an association of national branches and individual members. The goal of the society is to encourage interest in all aspects of military and wind band music, and to foster world wide communication between its members.



The decision to found a society devoted exclusively to specific musical interests was taken in 1976 by members of the Band Section of the Military Historical Society, when Mr. George Brinckley and Mr. HarryPlunkett were authorized to proceed with preliminary enquiries and arrangements. It had been decided to authenticate the new society by appointing an Honorary President, of prominence in military band circles. The present holder of the appointment is Knight 1st Class. Royal Norwegian Order of Merit Trevor J. Ford, LLCM, F.Comp. ASMC



The early enrolment of members was principally from the United Kingdom and Canada followed by the inception of branches in Continental Europe, The United States and Australia. The society was at first administrated from London, but in 1985 the Netherlands Branch proposed an international governing body, having regard to 75% of the membership from the Continent or overseas. The present International Committee came into force on 1st January 1988, on the basis of one representative member from each branch.

National Branches

Hong Kong
The Netherlands
New Zealand
South Africa
South Korea
United Kingdom
United States of America
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